Thursday, January 14, 2010

Film Noir

In the past few months, a few groups of unrelated friends all decided to go into filmmaking. Not so unusual in this day and age, if they were not all doing Film Noir stories. The first one comes from Miami, FL, starring a bunch of very talented traceurs from APK and the Tribe in a classic tale of heist and deceipt:

Once you made the equation 'film noir + parkour = success', why stop? Ben Cunis in DC didn't hesitate, and piled up zombies and ninjas on top of it:

Finally, Trammel Hudson has been working on several 'make an entire film in less than 72 hours' competitions where you build everything from beginning to end in a very very dense week-end. One of his latests is another slightly atypical turn on film noir:

All this spontaneous film noir trend must be a sign of the times: dust off your pin-striped suits, borsalino hats or retro cocktail dresses, and start investigating!!

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