Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I can has Psapp?

With the internet taken over by Lolcats, it was only a matter of time cats would take on the music business. Although they look like gentle, rational humans, the musical duo of Psapp is clearly one of their victims: check out their album art for example. Psapp's music is playful, filled with exotic noises and weird percussions that make you raise your ears and look for the mouse. Behind it, you also have some catching melodies full of twist and turns, and unusual lyrics ranging from childhood sing-song to depressed stories about death (on a lively tune, of course).

Unfortunately, they seem more popular in their native lands than in this big country where cats are not so good at taking up all the space. So maybe if you check out their music too, we can all write them a nice letter with many pictures of our cats and convince them to come and play for us here. Their third album ("The camel's back") is coming out in the US soon (it's been out for a year in the Old World..) and is becoming my favorite. Not that "Tiger, my friend" and "The only thing I ever wanted" are any lesser, you can't possibly go wrong with such titles!

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