Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gotta catch'em live!

One of my favorite concerts recently was an opening act for Blind Pilot by The Low Anthem, which I hadn't come to listen to and didn't know of. The band is composed of two stocky-looking guys sporting long hair and a serious moustache sharing a bunch of varied and unamplified instruments and a young lady with a clarinet and a bizarre set of bells she played with a bow.

They started with mellow and beautiful songs, fragile and all, then leveled up like overexcited Pokemons, mixed in some blues-rock-folk and became very, very loud. Probably the loudest concert I have seen since running away from Modest Mouse (and those guys had amplification all over the place)!! The band kept jumping all over the place, singing at the top of their lungs, pulling more and more sound out their instruments. Their albums did capture some of that amazing energy, but catch them live if you can next time they come to town. I for one will be there!

If you want a preview, check out their weird video about Charlie Darwin and a pretty cool tiny desk concert they just did at NPR, where they pulled that awesome trick with the cellphones. Once again, that's only their mellow side.

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