Monday, February 1, 2010

Natural method: revenge of the massive stack of books

One of my hobbies recently has been to translate into English the early works of Georges Hébert, who developed the "Natural Method", a very thorough and practical approach to physical education, starting in the 1910s. Guess what I found under my Xmas tree?

That's right, almost all the tomes of the full Natural Method at its most detailed development in the 1940s (thanks, A!). Where the previous book was a mere 600 pages, this (even incomplete) collection towers around 1500+, with many illustrations that, in themselves, convey huge amounts of extra information, and the low quality WWII paper used in the printing would certainly not enjoy scanning, so I will preserve my sanity and won't try to translate it. Which is too bad, because this is so much richer and more elaborate than the earlier version. But as I plow through this, I will try to quote a few paragraphs that particularly caught my attention. Stay tuned for some of Hébert's accurate and sometimes unconventional views in good old-fashioned French style!

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