Saturday, February 20, 2010

Le geste naturel

Yep, another of those Hébert quotes:
"The development of the organism and the technical improvement of movements alike cannot be attained by bits and pieces broken down by convention or using procedures that simply activate mechanically an organ or some muscles without envisioning the essential part, that is the true target of the organ or the practical use of the movements.

Everything holds together in the organism. Localized action are only local in appearance. The slightest voluntary movement requires sometimes, besides the intervention of the nervous system, a complex muscular action very pronounced in a given area (the most apparent) and secondary or even minimal, but necessary, in other parts.

Both the technical improvement of movements and the generalized development of the body must be done synthetically and not analytically. The human body is not comparable to a factory where division of labor reigns to obtain the best yield."

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